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jc_christmas's Journal

A Jack and Chloe Christmas
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A secret santa that takes place from November to January every year surrounded around Jack and Chloe
2008 sign-ups ARE OPEN!

Welcome to a Jack and Chloe Christmas!

This community is based on vm_santa and I’ve gakked the idea pretty much completely.

This comm is a secret santa for Jack and Chloe. Basically you request a type of fic, vid, graphic you'd like and you make one in return for the person you are assigned to. Make sure to make a few requests so that the person who gets you has choices.

November 30th is the deadline to post your request A few days later receive the name of a community member and a copy of their request. Then just follow as much of their request as you can and make them something nice for the holidays.


Please format them in the following way:

E-mail address: If you prefer not to list it in public, please just shoot me an E-mail with your address and LJ username.
Things I'd like: Request as many things as you want (remember, the more you list, the more likely you'll get something you want). Be as specific or as general as you'd like.
What I can do: What you can offer to your partner. This helps me make assignments that won't make people tear their hair out and curse my name.
What I absolutely CAN'T do: Pretty self-explanatory. I'd rather not incur the wrath of anyone, so list any limitations (fic only, no het, whatever) you may have.

Sign-ups will run from November 1-November 30, 2008.
All gifts should be posted between December 24th, 2008 and January 1st, 2009.

Once you receive your assignment, you may make "teaser" gifts at any time. If you do decide you want to post any small gifts prior to December 24th, don't reveal yourself! Send any teaser gifts and notes for your recipients to me at sdglst22@aol.com, and I will post them on your behalf.

If for some reason you're unable to post your gift between December 24th and January 1st, please send it to me at sdglst22@aol.com, and I'll post it for you.

This community is maintained by scoob2222. Please direct any questions or comments to sdglst22@aol.com.