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Cold as Christmas

This is a secret Santa gift for noalinnea who asked for: Chlack! The angstier the better :) Oh, and I love fics with Chase in (without Kim though) or Bill. Or Tony. Or all of them :)

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and I hope the New Year finds you well. If you want to hear the song by Elton John that inspired this you can find it here. Even though my creative muse has moved a bit more towards graphics lately, I have included some of those linguistic twists you seem to enjoy. ;)

Merry Christmas and a Happy Chlack year!

where does love begin and friendship continue

The rain panged the soul as it danced on the frozen tin roof. Each drop told a story of distance. A story of time within space…a space without words…and our words lost without a voice.

We still sit at separate tables
And we sleep at different times
And the warm wind in the palm trees
Hasn't helped to change our minds

“Have you heard anything?”

“He’s fine.”

“Have you told him?”

“Chase, he’s where he wants to be.”

“Darlin’ are you sure?”

“I know him.”

It was the lure of the tropics
That I thought might heal the scars
Of a love burned out by silence
In a marriage minus heart

One and a half hours from New Delhi a huge white marble terrace rises on a high red sandstone base. "A teardrop on the cheek of time" as a tribute to a beautiful woman and as a monument for enduring love the colors change. Like a jewel, it sparkles in moonlight and Jack remembers the words of Sir Edwin Arnold, "Not a piece of architecture, as other buildings are, but the proud passions of an emperor’s love wrought in living stones."

A lonely road is traveled. Heated by ice and cooled by fire. In a land where magnificent temples and edifices abound he searches to find a masterpiece. An answer. A truth.

And I call the kids on the telephone
Say there's something wrong out here
It's July but it's cold as Christmas
In the middle of the year

Across a wooden table she faced another agent. She knew this one had a different purpose, a different goal.

“What is the nature of your relationship?”

“I worked with him at CTU.”

This was true. But they both knew it was not a completely truthful answer. Chloe could never voice the personal connection that she had. It was a connection without a name. It was a connection in purpose.

“When was the last time you saw Mr. Bauer?”

“Just after my son was born.”

Jack had come to her and her and her son. He carried a fluffy stuffed bear and his intoxicating smile. For hours they talked again as friends. She could almost find in him the man she once knew. As the sun found the horizon there was still so much to say. They both wanted to him to sit just a bit longer. But, Morris would be home soon…it would be a complication. At the stoop she gave him a silver gift and for the sake of her son she let him walk away.

“Did he tell you where he was going?”

Chloe’s mind wanted to lash out and tell her what she wanted to know. In quick defiance she answered.


The red head raised her brow. She could feel the heat.

“I don’t believe you.”

The utter frustration raged inside the former agent. As was her swan song the dam broke and she spoke her mind.

“Ms. Walker, you don’t know me and I surely do not know you. Frankly, do not care what you believe. And as far as Jack goes, he has never done anything but what he needed to do to protect this county. He is a Hero that has saved more lives than any man. He has paid a greater price than any man ever should ever have to. He has nothing but his freedom. He has no family, no home, and no country. Please, let him keep his soul.”

The agent was silent. Somehow her eyes had softened. She had finally seen the man though the eyes of this other. He became a man with purpose and breath. He was more than the words written on a page.

Chloe replayed the integration in her mind. She didn’t understand why they just could not let him go. He paid enough. He was no threat to them. He was oblivious to their plan. She knew it was a revenge of spite…a further cut into that which they can’t control. They send the innocent to do their work. A lamb leashed by the fox. But, with honest trust a freedom can be found.

A ringing phone brought her pack to present. With her single phrase the fates were set.

“Bill, let Tony know we have a go.”

The temperature's up to ninety five
But there's a winter look in your mother's eyes
And to melt the tears there's a heat wave here
So how come it's cold as Christmas in the middle of the year

“She is very pretty, yes?”

Jack slid his thumb against the tarnished silver frame.

“Yes, she is very pretty.”

“She in Am-marica?”


“You miss her?”


“The young boy smiled.”

“You love her?”

Jack thought a moment, but only answered, “She is a very special friend.”

I dreamed of love in a better climate
And for what it's really worth
I put faith in the star we followed
To this Caribbean surf

When monitors presented the change of power Chloe’s eyes scanned though another scene. Though a secret backdoor she watched as a helicopter lifted. A sight smile developed his face. He was coming home. Lifting her eyes to those around her she could see all that they had built. A group of friends charged with finding a truth. Soon he would be here and whether he knew it or not, she knew they would have to save him…as he would save them. And within that selfless act they would all save themselves.

But there's an icy fringe on everything
And I cannot find the lines
Where's the beauty in the beast we made
Why the frost in the summertime

Chloe thumbed though each unsigned Christmas card and felt his soulful heart. With anticipation she knew the lingering fear would soon be gone. He always crashed away the demons leaving her mind safe when he was there. A friendship of souls brought forth thru an act of love and that was as a measure of their ultimate trust.

Merry Christmas and a Happy Clack year!

Merry Christmas and a happy Chlack year!
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