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Secret Santa Fic

For kathryn1193:

This is set between seasons six and seven.  I changed a few things, one of them being the actual time frame between the two seasons.  There will be four chapters (I think).  It will start out with a lot of Chloe and Morris, but I promise there will be a very fluffy payoff in the end :)  I believe you asked for romance? 

Merry Christmas!

Title: Letters to Chloe - Part 1
Rating: PG
Summary: Morris gets an unwelcome surprise in the mail

The afternoon sun was streaming in through the kitchen window of Chloe and Morris' house. It was another hot July day. Chloe was at work, and Morris, assuming the role of stay at home dad, had just finished feeding Emily her lunch. The long days of being home alone with the baby were taking their toll on Morris. His inability to hold down a job had left Chloe with no choice but to be the breadwinner of the family. She worked long hours, and their relationship suffered because of it. Any free time Chloe had was spent doting on Emily. There was no romance between them anymore, and much to Morris' dismay, no sex life whatsoever. It was as if they were living as roommates. He knew she resented him. He knew she had settled for him.

As he lifted Emily out of the high chair and into his arms, the phone rang.


"Morris, it's me. Did the mail come yet?" It was Chloe, sounding irritated as usual, he thought.

"I haven't checked."

"Well, could you please go do that then? You know I'm waiting for those insurance papers."

"Yes. I'll go do that right now."

"Call me back." she said, hanging up abruptly.

Morris sighed. "C'mon, love. We've got to go check the mail." he said to Emily.

Back inside the house, he sorted through the bills and junk mail. Chloe's insurance papers had not come. But there was something else for her. At the bottom of the stack of letters, he found an envelope with no return address. It was postmarked from India. Jack, he thought to himself. It had to be from him. It had been a foolish hope of his that he and Chloe would be able to live a normal family life together. Now that C.T.U. was disbanded, and Chloe had found a regular, non-government job, he thought the days of Jack Bauer popping up and spinning their lives into turmoil were long gone. But alas, even though Jack was apparently thousands of miles and an ocean away, he had once again managed to wedge his way in between them.

He dropped the rest of the mail on the kitchen table, tucking the letter from Jack into his shirt pocket. Walking into the living room, he placed Emily into her playpen and handed her a teddy bear to play with. He sat down on the couch and pulled the letter out of his pocket, conflicted about whether to give it to Chloe, open it and read it himself, or just throw it away. He had a family to protect now. If Jack was writing to Chloe to engage her in another one of his rogue operations, he had to intervene. Jack had been on the run for some time now, and if he was going to turn to anyone for help, it would of course be Chloe. In all fairness to Jack, he didn't know that she was now the mother of a beautiful 6 month old daughter. He decided to open the letter.


Dear Chloe,

I imagine you are surprised to hear from me. I hope you are doing well. Right now I'm halfway across the world and all I have is time. Time to think about the past and the all the decisions I've made. All the regrets I have. All the people I've disappointed. Through all this, the one thing that I keep coming back to is you. I feel like I owe you something. Some kind of explanation. An enormous debt of gratitude. My life. I hope you know how much you mean to me. It scares me to think that you might be feeling like I used you. I never intended to make you feel that way, and I am so sorry if you do. You have been the one person I could always depend upon. You have given me trust without question You put yourself and your job on the line to help me whenever I asked you to, no matter the cost. But what have I ever done in return? And most importantly, what did I do to deserve someone as wonderful as you in my life?

There won't be a return address on this envelope. I won't be staying where I am much longer. I'll try to write again when I can.



Morris folded the letter back up and tucked it into the envelope. He sat for a moment deciding what to do. Maybe, he thought, if Chloe read this, she could have some closure knowing that Jack was ok. But on the other hand, he knew that she was still, and probably always would be, in love this this man. He walked into the bedroom and pulled his briefcase out of the closet, setting it down on the bed. He unlocked it, put the letter inside, and picked up the small bottle of vodka he kept hidden in there.

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